I'm sole proprietor of a conservation laboratory in Lockport, New York treating paper-based and parchment objects since 1999. Objects treated include fine art, ephemera, historic and oversized objects (billboards, wallpaper, etc.) I obtained a master's in Art Conservation from Buffalo State College in 1997, and a master's in Museum Studies from Syracuse University in 1994. My client list includes museums, non-profits, historical societies, galleries, framers and private owners.

Professional associate of AIC (American Institute for Conservation).

Notable projects:

  • Assorted works by Marisol Escobar for Marisol: A Retrospective organized by Buffalo AKG Art Museum.

  • Drawings (75+) by the late W.H. Adams, notable architect and designer. Objects privately owned by Wilbur family descendants under care of Erie Art Museum to be digitized by Library of Congress after conservation.

  • 1887 Steuben County Fair poster (approx. 58" x 31"). Embrittled, oversized, fragmented ephemeral block print required tar-paper backing removal, washing, lining and extensive fills to enable public display.

  • 10 oversized French WW1 posters (approx. 50" x 36") for Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. Oversized ephemera objects on wood pulp-based paper posed special concerns for handling and display.

  • 16 fine Italian etchings from late 1700's on handmade paper for SUNY Geneseo: Architectural Treatments (after Raffaleo); Relief Friezes (by Harpocrates, Genvis and Larvam Coron); and Prints of Statuary/Sculpture from the Vatican Collection.

  • 1901 Spirit of Niagara Pan-Am chromolithograph poster (approx. 48" × 25") for Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, funded through Greater Hudson Heritage Network. Embrittled, oversized coated paper object required stabilization, washing, lining and fills to enable public display.

  • W.H. Adams Skyscraper drawing for Erie Art Museum (approx. 53" x 30"). Oversized mixed media drawing required backing removal, consolidation and extensive inpainting.

  • Masonic Mural, Colden Masonic Lodge circa 1900 (approx. 72" x 64"). Oversized, pieced intaglio mural was shellacked and lined with fabric, and required significant consolidation and reinforcements to enable safe long-term framing.

  • 75 unmounted Amos Sangster chine colle intaglio prints (ca. 1880's). Project required extensive collaboration with Meibohm Fine Arts of East Aurora, NY including purchase of a full-sized etching press to support prints with appropriate paper and impart plate marks.

  • 1883 Erie County Fair poster (approx. 69" × 43"). Embrittled, oversized, fragmented ephemeral block print required washing, lining and extensive fills to enable public display at Erie County NY Fairgrounds.

  • Rare 1878 William Cody (Buffalo Bill) 26' x 10' billboard. Project was federally funded by a multi-year grant for conservation through NEA's "Save America's Treasures" program. Emergency stabilization and conservation of the extremely degraded, fragmented oversized billboard commenced in 2004 and was completed in 2008. Project published in American Institute for Conservation abstracts, 2008 and in Western New York Heritage Magazine, 2009.